In the making

The process of creating our candy objects is quite fascinating. Using the ancient technique of
mouth-blowing, each object has its own unique shape and personality. Each design and every part of the collection is made by hand with precision and care – from glass to brass details to assembly of the lamp. Countless individual steps are required for every single product before being ready. Every piece is a one-off and signed by Helle Mardahl.

“The process of creating glass is a team effort that requires constant concentration, focus and many years of experience” – Bjørn Friborg, Glassblower at Holmegaard Glasværk

“Glass is such an unpredictable material, which makes it so utterly fascinating to work with.
Glass really has it’s very own life, it requires patience, control and both concentration and a sense of calmness. The process of making glass is also so unpredictable, since you’re working with fire. When the glass and the warmth from the fire unites, the organic process begins.The hard material becomes soft, the colours melts and changes. It’s simply such a dynamic and magical art form.
I absolutely love it” – Helle Mardahl, Owner & Creative Director