A cookie is a small data file that stores on your computer to keep track of what happens during your visit and to identify your computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses.

How we use cookies
We use cookies at They are necessary for the website to function, but they also provide information on how you use our website to enable us to improve and adapt it to your needs and interests.
On our site, cookies are mainly used for traffic statistics and to optimize the site content. They are also a help to you. If you shop frequently at from the same computer, phone or tablet, the address page will save your information so you do not have to re-enter it.
Cookies also remember if you had items in your shopping basket the last time you visited the page without completing the purchase, so you do not need to find them again.

Necessary cookies
Some cookies are necessary for the website to deliver a service that the end-user has expressly requested. For example, these cookies may be used to make a shopping basket work.
The content of Helle Mardahls online shop is stored and managed via WooCommerce. This platform creates cookies, which are used to recognize you when you browse around on the page.

Preference cookies
Some cookies are used to ensure the best possible user experience on the website. Preferences include language and other choices to make navigation easier. No personally identifiable data is collected using these cookies.

Session and optimization cookies
We use Google Analytics to analyze how you and other visitors use The information the cookie collects (traffic data, including your IP address) is sent to and stored in Google Analytics.

Marketing – anonymous tracking across websites
These cookies are used to follow you and other users across your visits to multiple websites. These cookies can be used to build profiles showing the searches each user has performed or which sites they have visited. These cookies may store data that identifies a given user or contains specific information about the user. Anonymous data may be shared with a third party.
Cookies from Facebook are used to display a “Like” button and information about which of your Facebook friends “like” what you shared. Facebook also provides access to a statistics tool (Facebook Insights) that displays information about the use of Facebook. Cookies are used similarly in connection with sharing information on Pinterest.

How long are cookies stored?
The length of time a cookie is stored on your devices and browsers varies. The lifetime is calculated according to your last visit to the website. When a cookie expires, it is automatically deleted. All our cookies’ lifetimes are specified in our cookie policy.

How to block cookies
You may at any time block all or just third-party cookies completely by changing the browser settings on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The location of these settings will depend on the browser you use. However, you should be aware that if you block all or just third-party cookies, there may be functions and services that you will be unable to use on the website (because these depend on cookies).
How to reject or delete your cookies
You can reject cookies on your computer at any time by changing your browser settings. Where to find these settings depends on which browser you use. You should be aware, however, that if you do this, many functions and services will not be available to use because they require the website to remember the choices you make.

Cookies that you have previously accepted are easy to delete. If you use a PC with a recent browser, you can delete your cookies by using this shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete

If the shortcut does not work, and/or you use a Mac, start by identifying which browser you are using and then click on the relevant link:

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Strictly necessary

Strictly necessary cookies help make a website navigable by activating basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure website areas. Without these cookies, the website would not be able to work properly.

 Name Vendor Purpose Expiry Service Privacy policy
m Supports the website's technical functions. 2 years Stripe
woocommerce_items_in_cart Supports the functions of a "Content Management System" to ensure that the website works properly. Session WooCommerce, AutomatticWooCommerce, Automatic